November 15-16, 2018 
Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

MASS15 Presentations

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  Tuesday 13 Oct - "Maritime Domain Capabilities" DAY - 1
  0730 Registration Open
  0800 Continental Breakfast  
  0845 MASS 15 Opening Remarks Lin Paddock / Paul Mitten
  0900 Welcome and Government of Newfoundland and Labrador - "Path to the Arctic" Minister Darin King
P1 0940 LOOKNorth/Larus Technologies- "Leveraging advanced technologies for broad-based Arctic maritime situational awareness" Bill Jefferies
  1010 Coffee & Networking Break  
P2 1040 Royal Canadian Navy - "Arctic operations" RAdm John Newton
P3 1125 Chantier Davie/Davie Shipbuilding - "RESOLVE - Innovative, Affordable, Canadian" John Schmidt
  1200 Lunch  
P4 1300 Canadian Shipowners Association - Arctic Stewardship: Shipping trends, opportunities, and risks Robert Lewis-Manning
P5  1330 Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB)/World Trade Institute - Melting Ice Caps: Implications for Asia-North America Linkages and the Panama Canal Hugo Rojas-Romagosa 
P6  1400 Marine Institute - "Vision for future collaboration" Ron Newhook
P7  1430 Raytheon Canada - "Canada's Third Generation High Frequency Surface Wave Radar System for Persistent Surveillance of the EEZ" Dr. Tony Ponsford
  1500 Coffee & Networking Break  
P8  1530 Video link with Dr. Wisniewski (University of Alaska) - "Arctic Domain Awareness Centre Overview" Dr. Helena Wisniewski
P9  1600 Memorial University - "HF-ROSA: High Frequency Radar Applications for Ocean State Monitoring Neil Cater
P10  1625 Omnispace - "Satellite communications service" Dr. Joseph Bravman
P11  1645 C-SIGMA: "Collaboration in Space for International Global Maritime Awareness" Guy Thomas
  1715 Day 1 Wrap-Up Lin Paddock
  1730 Reception & Networking Event with Local Entertainment (Celtic Fiddlers)
  Wednesday 14 Oct - "Search and Rescue Capabilities" DAY - 2 
  0800 Continental Breakfast  
P12 0825 MDA Corp. - "A Tool for Optimal Wide-Area Sensor Placement" Dr. Hans Wehn
P13  0845 PAL - Canada Arctic Sovereignty: Creating a Foundation for Achievable and Sustainable Presence Derek Scott
P14  0920 Cougar Helicopters - "Northern SAR Challenges - Civil Helicopter Capability Enhancements" Rick Banks
  0950 Coffee & Networking Break  
P15  1020 Canadian Army - "Canadian Army Arctic operations" BGen Jim Camsell
P16  1100 University of Waterloo - "Canadian Rangers and SAR" Whitney Lackenbauer
P17  1130 SmartIce: "Sea Ice Monitoring and Real Time Information for Coastal Environment" Trevor Bell
  1200 Lunch  
P18  1300 Polar Knowledge Canada - "Arctic Marine Monitoring and Research" Katherine Wilson
P19  1330 Marine Institute (Center for Applied Ocean Technology) - "SmartAtlantic Alliance project: Better Information - Better Decisions" Richard Kelly
P20  1400 Virtual Marine Technology/Raytheon Anschutz - "Preparing for Arctic operations using embedded simulation" Anthony Patterson
  1430 Coffee & Networking Break  
P21  1500 Canadian Coast Guard - "CCG's Role - SAR System in Atlantic Canada" Don Llewellyn, Regional Director - Fleet
P22  1540 United States Coast Guard (USCG) - "USCG Arctic Operations" Mike Emerson, USCG Senior Arctic Policy Advisor
P23  1615 Denmark Defence - "Kingdom of Denmark's Ice-Diminishing Arctic Challenges and Opportunities" Cdr Jakob D. Rous, Asst. Defence Attach, Embassy of Denmark, Washington
  1645 Day 2 Wrap-Up Lin Paddock
  Thursday 15 Oct -"Oil & Gas Safety and Security" DAY - 3  
  0800 Continental Breakfast  
P24 0830 Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)  - "Industry Perspectives on Offshore Oil and Gas Development and R&D in Canada's Arctic" Paul Barnes
P25  0905 PAL - "Development of Operational Arctic Standards for the Oil & Gas Industry" Stephen Green
  1005 Coffee & Networking Break  
P26  1035 University of Calgary - "Arctic Implications of CWII" Rob Huebert
  1110 United States Embassy in Ottawa - "One Arctic: Shared Opportunities, Challenges and Responsibilities" Dr. Miguel Rodrigues
  1150 Lunch  
P27  1250 United States Coast Guard (USCG) - "USCG Arctic Strategy" RAdm Linda Fagan
P28  1330 Centre for Arctic Resource Development (CARD) - "Understanding, Quantifying and Mitigating Ice Risk in Oil and Gas operations" Freeman Ralph
  1400 Coffee & Networking Break  
P29  1430 Transport Canada's Tanker Safety Expert Panel - "Arctic Marine Spill Preparedness and Response" Capt. Gordon Houston
P30  1500 Memorial University - "Ice and Steel - Overview of Recent Research at Memorial University" Dr. Claude Daley
P31  1530 Marine Institute Centre for Marine Simulation - "Dynamic Positioning in Ice - A Collaboration Between Academia, Government & Industry" Maria Halfyard
  1600 Conference Wrap-up and Close Lin Paddock



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